1. Tour the community of your choice and place a deposit to reserve the accommodation of your choice
  2. Schedule a time for someone from our team to come to the potential residents home and complete an assessment. Our assessment tool is a series of questions that will help our team be prepared for the resident’s move in. This assessment is not only assessing physical needs but psychosocial needs as well. We know moving is never easy and we strive to keep our new residents routines as similar as possible.
  3. The state of California requires LIC 602 forms(physician’s report) to be completed prior to a resident’s move into a community. This report will also include results from a TB test. This report is to be completed by the potential residents primary care physician. Our community has copies of these forms and they will be provided to you.
  4. Sign admission agreement and communities internal move- in paperwork. At this time we will also collect payment for the potential resident’s stay.
  5. Our rooms do not come furnished and once the above is completed the potential residents room can be set up and decorated.
  6. Welcome home!

LIC 602 Form



Giving families financial peace of mind when they need it most.

When considering long-term care options, your first thought may be, how do I stretch my limited funds to last as long as possible? We understand that 100%. That’s why we partnered with a local HMO to pilot a unique MediCal program that is only available through Bayshire Senior Communities. Once your loved one’s financial reserves are spent down, our Medical Specialist team will help you learn the steps to qualify for this unique MediCal HMO, which covers the cost for a semi-private accommodation in one of our communities.

MediCal typically covers only individuals living in nursing homes. Because of our one-of-a-kind arrangement, Bayshire is the only assisted living provider in San Diego County that can offer its residents this financial safeguard. This is a huge win for us and our families! With Bayshire’s commitment to clinical excellence, our communities already provide the daily living support most of our residents will need throughout their lives. Our communities are purposefully designed to feel like home, inside and out, with beautiful furnishings, comfortable gathering places, and plenty of natural light. Add to that the genuine kindness of world-class caregivers, and it’s easy to understand why our residents thrive in our care. We want to keep them home with Bayshire, where they belong.

To find out more about the Bayshire Promise, or to see if you qualify for the program, give us a call or stop by anytime.

The Bayshire Promise helps:

  • Individuals concerned about running out of funds in the future.
  • Seniors aged 64 and older in need of assisted living.
  • Residents in a skilled nursing setting who would benefit from a homier environment.
  • Spouses who are concerned about spending down their resources on senior living.
  • Seniors who would benefit from specialized memory care with a secure environment.

Financial Resources

Placing a loved one in a senior living community sometimes requires using funds from a variety of resources. Here are a few options that can help cover the cost.

Long-term care insurance

This covers care for individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities that need skilled care for an extended period of time. If your loved one has a policy, it may significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expense needed to fund care. Benefits vary but may include nursing home and assisted living stays, as well as adult daycare services.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans and their surviving spouses who qualify for a VA pension and require the “aid and attendance” of a caregiver may be eligible for additional benefits over-and-above their monthly pension. These benefits can be used to help pay senior living costs. Individuals not eligible for a basic VA pension because of excessive income may qualify for “aid and attendance” benefits.

2020 Award Amounts

  • Married Veteran: $2,266
  • Single Veteran: $1,911
  • Surviving Spouse: $1,288

*Bayshire Senior Communities cannot help you pre-qualify for this benefit or answer any questions on the amount you will receive. We are here to simply give you resources that can answer your questions on this benefit program.


Senior Living and your taxes

Most don’t know that senior living is tax deductible, it is!. Seniors that are interested in this deduction must qualify by receiving assistance with 2 activities of daily living. Bayshire can provide you with information from the care plan that will be needed for proof of the assistance we are providing. The deductible amount will vary from person to person and we recommend you reach out to your tax professional for assistance.

*Bayshire is happy to assist you with documentation needed from our communities for these deductions to the best of your abilities. We in no way are able to help you complete your taxes as this is informational. We always recommend you reach out to your tax professional for assistance.

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